We are a tech startup specializing in open source software for healthcare providers in particular electronic medical records (EMR) and billing. We integrate VistA into healthcare businesses and connect VistA to British Columbia Medical Service Provider (MSP) Teleplan API for plug and play billing.

We have developed a Python VistA client library to query data from the MUMPS database and a Python Teleplan API library to send claims and retrieve remittances. Using these libraries we have developed an online, easy to use, automatic and safe billing system. We can deliver a small computer appliance with a pre installed (and configured) VistA installation ready to use in any small clinic or practice.

Mouse Call

Wouldn’t it be great if you could see a doctor when and where it’s convenient for you? Now you can. Recent changes to the Medical Services Plan (MSP) of BC means you can see you doctor from anywhere you have computer or phone with a webcam. This is welcome news to people in Kelowna where it is becoming increasingly difficult to find a physician or book a same day appointment when you need one. The service is completely free to anyone with a valid BC health insurance (MSP) number, and can be arranged by going to or calling 250 300-3284. We will arrange for you to consult a BC licensed family physician using your smart phone or webcam enabled computer.

This service is great for seniors with difficulty getting out to see their doctor, parents with sick children, people needing to review x-ray or lab results, or anyone tired of waiting to see a doctor. We can fax a lab requisition or prescription to the lab or pharmacy of your choice, arrange a specialist consult, or advise you on a chronic or new medical condition. Best of all, it’s fully covered by MSP, and we can send a copy of the visit record to you or your doctor. This is a new way to access timely medical care, but industry experts predict most medical visits will be online by 2030.

“Too sick to see your doctor”; Not any more!



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